What You Ought to Know About Using Weapons For Self Defense

The first question that you have to ask yourself, when considering self-defense methods, is whether or not you want to carry one with you. Several considerations need to be made including: how effective will the weapon be, how much training will you require, and is it legal wherever you live. You might like to also consider if you would be able to use the weapon if you have one. This article will present several considerations that you must ponder before picking a self-defense weapon.

Do you do martial arts training? If you do, using weapons is something that you might want to try. You might want to use a sword, or stick – there are many to choose from especially in traditional martial arts. Obviously, even if you do learn how to use a sword or a staff, you will not be able to take one with you during your everyday activities. It is still a useful skill to learn in that you could use something that may be in your home in a similar manner to guard yourself. So instead of using the actual weapons for self-defense, you will most probably use what you learn for training purposes or at martial arts events.

A very popular weapon that many people have started to use is a stun gun for self-defense. This nonlethal weapon is practical in that it can stop a would-be assailant without killing them. This is preferable for many reasons, including the fact that shooting someone dead with a gun may lead to legal hassles, something that a stun gun cannot do. Though they are not lethal, a stun gun may not be legal in your town. Check your local laws prior to buying. There are various models of stun guns readily available, so check out what they have to offer. Law enforcement officers, for example, use a specific brand called tasers which are popular with lots of people.

Pocket-sized self-defense weapons are simple to carry and can protect you very well. Though most of these are not specifically designed to be a weapon, they can be if required. An example of weapons like this include pepper spray, keychains with knives, and other weapons that literally easily fit in your pocket. The reason that these smaller weapons work so well is that the attacker or assailant will not be prepared for your defense. The best thing to do is to be watchful and prepared for anything to come about. Keep in mind, in case you are caught off guard, any weapon you’re carrying could be used against you.

Not everyone wishes to own or carry weapons for self defense, and this is strictly a personal choice. People who have weapons should, to some degree, be ready to inflict harm on others that may potentially harm them. You need to to decide on what sort of damage you’re willing to risk inflicting on your assailant. There are lots of non lethal weapons, like pepper spray and even stun guns that can stop someone without doing long term harm.

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