Discovering Shinkendo: Sword Strategies Of The Samurai

In terms of traditional forms of martial arts, the most well-liked ones are those which teach the use of classical weapons. Shinkendo, a Japanese martial art style, is one traditional style of martial art that preserves the methods of ancient sword fighting.

The ancient sword methods of the samurai is the major focus of Shinkendo. The samurai warriors’ art of combat has been preserved though these fighters have for ages been gone. And even though the sword methods taught in Shinkendo aren’t designed for use in self-defense scenarios, they provide a number of other benefits. For starters, practitioners of Shinkendo develop concentration skills, in addition to personal discipline as they become proficient in this classic style of martial art.

Shinkendo was started by Toshishiro Obata. He learned traditional Japanese swordsmanship by learning different styles. What is fascinating is that Obata was primarily an Aikido practitioner. Many of the Aikido moves are from sword strategies, so Obata possibly broadened his knowledge of Aikido by studying the art of sword fighting. After a while, he extended his study into many sword arts, resulting into him becoming an expert in the art of sword fighting.

Due to his obvious skill in the art of sword fighting, Obata was able to introduce his own martial art system. Shinkendo is the system Obata created. In English, Shinkendo means “Way of the Real Sword”. You could interpret that translation in several ways. One interpretation might be that it’s the “real” approach to practicing the art. One other way to interpret it is that it’s putting in a genuine effort toward mastering swordsmanship.

Shinkendo follows a number of traditional learning approaches. These methods include forms training and one- and two-step live training. Sword routines are also taught, including movements, drawing, and cutting things. A genuine sword is utilized by the students when they do cutting exercises. A wooden sword is utilized by the students when they are carrying out the other training exercises. The wooden sword is to stop personal injuries from taking place while students are training.

Coordination and precision are necessary to skillfully handle a sword. Novices are encouraged to start out slow and perfect the moves as opposed to doing the more complex moves that call for fine motor skills. The basic moves of swinging and drawing the sword is usually quite monotonous at first. Nevertheless, perfecting them is vital since they’re the basic moves required for the more complex sword exercises. When you’re determined and you practice consistently, you will master the basic movements and you will be able to do them by reflex.

You cannot expect to be an experienced swordsman right away. Shinkendo requires devotion, dedication, and regular practice. Applying yourself to the art will pay off in lots of ways. You could take pleasure in learning a unique martial art form that traces its origins from hundreds of years ago and from a country that has a rich history and culture.

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