The Lethal Techniques of Kung Fu’s Five Animals

What is also referred to as the Kung Fu fist forms, the 5 animals of Kung Fu are several of the deadliest forms of martial arts ever developed. While Kung Fu has other forms of fist styles, the 5 animals of Kung Fu are several of the most powerful and popular. The each technique is influenced by every one of the five animals. Exactly how the ancient dragon moves and strikes became the foundation for the style of the Dragon Claw. In this style, the enemy is subdued by using an open hand approach to grab and throw. The Dragon Claw is quite fast making it extremely hard to predict and defend against.

The Leopard Claw is yet another fast style though it makes use of a half open fist. If a person is proficient and has lots of power in the moves, the Leopard Claw could be lethal. The best striking method will involve utilizing the ridge of the hand by folding your fingers towards your palm and using the palm as a secondary striking method. For tearing and grabbing, you employ the open hand move of the Tiger Claw.

The most widely recognized style of Kung Fu as well the most popular for the 5 animals of Kung Fu is the Tiger Claw. Its effectiveness in the grabbing and gripping consists of digging the finger nails into the skin. If a person is quite competent in the Tiger Claw, they could tear the skin off the flesh with their nails. The Tiger Claw is among the best and most lethal techniques in the world.

If an individual does the Snake Head, it imitates the attack of a snake during a fight. The Snake Head utilizes an open hand where fingers are held together snugly and are completely extended. You utilize the tips of your fingers to hit the softest areas of your enemy. It is usually quite effective if both hands use exactly the same technique simultaneously. Yet another style that is targeted on the soft vital areas of the challenger is the Crane Beak. You attack your adversary using the base of the finger tips in which the fingers are firmly pressed together. In order to be more effective the fingers could be conditioned to be very strong.

In the 5 animals of Kung Fu, you’ll find something that goes past your standard self-defense techniques. You can actually confront any adversary if you learn the powerful techniques of these lethal styles. You’ll develop confidence to take on any individual and anytime once you get good at the 5 animals of Kung Fu.

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