Street Fighting Uncaged Self Defense Course: An Unbiased Review

Street Fighting Uncaged is a self defense manual created by a martial artist and security professional named Jeff Anderson. A lot of people want to learn self defense, and there are several options for doing this. Going to a center that teaches forms of martial arts in your area is one possibility, but many people don’t have the time for this, or can’t afford the monthly fees. Street Fighting Uncaged is a training course you can download over the internet and learn in your spare time. In this review, we are going to be looking at whether or not this is a good investment for anyone wanting to learn self defense.

It’s crucial that you realize that Street Fighting Uncaged is not a guide to learning martial arts or combat sports. The main focus of this guide is to teach you survival skills on the streets and ways to deal with life threatening situations. The approach taught by Jeff Anderson is no holds barred, dirty street fighting, and if you buy it, you should make sure you have the stomach for it. The viewpoint is that street thugs don’t recognize rules when they fight, so neither should you if you’re attacked. The moves and strategies taught in this guide are effective, but they’re designed strictly for defending yourself or your family members. They’re certainly not meant for sport or any of the other reasons people sometimes study traditional martial arts.

In comparison to taking a martial arts class, “Street Fighting Uncaged” is affordable and can be learned whenever you have free time. Though it may be quite convenient to learn on your own, you are better off training with someone. As these are lethal moves, if you do practice you have to be very careful. Although you will learn some valuable moves and strategies if you simply read this digital book, you’ll get a lot more out of it if you practice also. That is one of the disadvantages of a home study course -you don’t have an instructor in the room to make sure you really learn and practice the techniques.

Your psychological strength is just as important as your physical strength when it comes to self defense. Street Fighting Uncaged puts a lot of emphasis on this, teaching you how to overcome emotions such as fear that can prevent you from acting. Actually, when you order this course, you get several bonuses, and one of these is a book called Killer Instinct. This shows you how to get into the right mindset for self defense, so you don’t freeze up at the worst possible moment. Overall, the course provides a good balance between the physical and mental aspects of self defense.

Street Fighting Uncaged might not be for everyone, but it’s a good course for anyone who wants to learn real self defense techniques in a short time. It is not pretty and it’s not for pacifists, but if you’re committed to protecting yourself and your loved ones in case you’re ever assaulted by ruthless thugs, this is a course you can benefit from.

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